It is a well know fact that oils can't be destroyed by use, we only contaminate it. While  in use as lubrication in engines, gearboxes or as power transmission fluid, it is being subjected to possible contamination, by carbon, metallic particles from bearings, shaft and gear wear and  water from condensation and from the external environment through seal failure. This is only a very small list of possible causes  of contamination but whatever the cause, the net result is the same. Components begin to fail resulting in lost revenue through costs incurred from machinery down time, component replacement and lost productivity.

To combat this, filtration is fitted to most systems that use oil. Sometimes this is built to a budget and possibly inadequate to perform the given task, so contamination of the oil continues.   Most filtration  system consist of a high pressure, low pressure, and sometimes a return filter. All these filter units target particulates  and very little thought is given to water contamination which, is one of the most damaging contaminants. 

One way of combating water contamination is  introducing a coalescing filter into the system. This can be done as an online or offline  setup . By upgrading the filtration system you can effectively increase the useable life of the oil which means more productivity less downtime and less repair costs.

By prolonging the useable life of oil it is also helping the environment as there is less waste oil to dispose of which can be harmful to our surroundings and this also means that there is less strain on our natural resources. 








Online and Offline Filtration

Online filtration

On line filtration is preformed by installing a filter or a bank of filters that are fed from the pressure side of the system, these filters only work when the system is pressured up or running, utilizing a small amount of volume or flow from the system thus not interfering with the output of the pressure pump. These units are most suited to hydraulic excavators, bulldozers  or any mobile hydraulic equipment. To achieve the required throughput of oil ,the filter canisters are ganged up in a parallel circuit so the flow is evenly dispersed between them.













Offline Filtration

The offline filtration configuration is similar to the online configuration except that it has it own pump system. This means that filtration can continue while the hydraulic circuit is not in use, this saves money as there is no unnecessary running of big pumps and motors.

                                          FILTRATION CARTRIDGE ELEMENTS.

Filter cartridges come in several grades depending on the level of filtration required, they are suitable for using with all oil products including diesel fuel. . Click on the links below for specification sheet.

Light duty cartridge)
Heavy duty cartridge)
Super duty cartridge)




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